Depending on the site where you found us, booking might be required through that site instead of directly (for example, AirBnB).

For other sites where we get to control the booking rules, we require a 20-25% deposit at time of booking along with a e-signed agreement.  The details we need for the agreement are here:

Agreement Details Form

(Open with the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader, fill out the form, save it to your local drive, and then e-mail that file to us at disneyworldvillas (at) along with the dates you wanted to reserve.)

We’ll use the filled file you return to us to create the agreement and use Cudasign to have you electronically sign the document.  It’s all pretty quick and easy (although if you do it from a phone, you might be required to download their app to complete the signing process).

Once the agreement is signed and payment made, your reservation will be confirmed by us.  If a second payment is required for the balance due, that will arrive about 10 days before the due date (which is always 2 months before you arrive).  After that, 3-4 days before you arrive, we’ll e-mail you our “welcome document”, which includes all the details about check-in/check-out and helpful facts about our home and the surrounding area.  If you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to ask!